How to save a web page to PDF online

How to save a web page to PDF online

you often come across an article you want to keep, or you put it in your favorites, you either print it. And to easily share an interesting article with your contacts via email or otherwise, it can be very interesting to save it in PDF. Indeed, PDF format can be shiped and sended very easily!

To do this, we will show you a pretty simple and effective method through an online service. Very handy if you are in a cyber cafe or abroad, and you can not install software on your
HTML2PDF is an online service that converts any web page to PDF, enabling you to send these files to your contacts, or save them without the need to install any software on your computer.
– Copy the URL of your Web page to be exported to PDF, go to HTML2PDF page on this link:, past your URL in the box marked “URL” and confirm by clicking “Convert“:
How to save a web page to PDF online
A link ”Download your PDF” will then appear, click on it:
How to save a web page to PDF online
You will just have to select the location where to save your file, and that’s it!

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  1. Really this is a nice tutorial, I really appreciate it, glad to be here…this tutorial Need to be share with my friends because we have been think of can someone convert web pages into pdf for future use


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