How would you feel when you could send an SMS without being charged for it? Well I guess it would be awesome.

Mobile phone especially Android is one of the most used device through which most people run their daily activities both online and offline, most people tend to send more than a hundred messages per day, some other people send more or less but in all it still applies that we spend while sending an SMS.
How To Send Free SMS On Any Android Phone.

Most people are aware of facebook messenger or the WhatsApp whereby you send messages without spending a dime of your airtime,it only takes your data but I present to your an app which is somewhat similar to those but comes with extra features that would make your texting life fun.
Features Of Elanol App

 It doesn’t display the phone number of the sender thereby it can be used anonymously
It is free and unlimited
Allows 10 SMS per person
It has a news features which is always updated with news around the globe.
Download Elanol App Here

How To Use Elanol App Unlimitedly
I know you’d be asking me if it doesn’t use data, well it does but to use this app unlimitedly I devised a means whereby you could download a VPN and use it on your 9mobile sim.
Download VPN Here
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