How to hide online status on WhatsAppHow to hide online status on WhatsApp: Have you ever wanted to hide your online status probably relationship stuff or your just busy there are many reasons you would want to hide your whatsapp online status. That; however, is usually done most times to prevent friends from monitoring your online activities. In this article I will be giving you guiding steps and tutorials on how to hide online status on whatsapp.

Do you want to be offline but rather appear offline? Yea who doesent want that probably to secure your privacy or stop contacts e.g Mom or dad from seeing how frequently you log into whatsapp then it is best sit and focus then you learn how to hide online status on whatsapp.

Can I See Sent Messages From Friends.

You have that in mind right? But nothing to worry you will still be able to see all messages sent by friends send, but you’d appear offline to them.

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If you agree with me and really wants this I’d suggest you stop chatting with that pretty girl right now focus and read further on how to hide online status on WhatsApp below.

How To Hide Online Status On WhatsApp.


1.Disable Your Last Seen Information: If you don’t know this trick then your learning it right now its quite easy and fun to use, I use it quite a lot it is a fast and easy way on how to hide online status on whatsapp simply:

• Open your whatsapp >>> go to settings >>> then account >>> then privacy >>> set it to nobody. This way no one will get to see your last seen details. Please note that by setting this you will not see the last seen information of others as well.

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How to hide online status on WhatsApp

2. Block the certain contact you wish to hide your online status from: Probably that person has been so stubborn disturbing you just block the person you go to the persons contact on your WhatsApp click on option and click block that’s all , but note you won’t receive any message from the person neither will you see the persons status but you can also unblock the person.

3. Read Receipts should be unchecked: Read receipts are double blue checks that indicate that a contact has read a sent text. In most cases that you will wish to make your whatsapp online status invisible just uncheck read receipts. You can do that by: Go to settings >>> click account >>> then head to privacy >>> uncheck read receipts. Please note that by doing this you can’t also tell when people read your messages. Also, with the latest whatsapp story feature, contacts won’t be able to view your story when read receipt is turned off but you can still see theirs.

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Dear friends thanks for reading and I guess you have successfully learnt how to hide online status on WhatsApp.



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