Guess the age of a person using his photo

Guess the age of a person using his photo

This sounds cool and amazing right I love this read below.

Microsoft revealed a new website in its Build conference last week in San Francisco that claims to divine the apparent age of a person from a simple picture.

Called How old do I look ?, the site allows anyone to analyze any image found using the search engine Bing, or send one for analysis.
The system works by analyzing 27 different benchmarks of the face, which are typically found on components as wards or nose.
However, the results are compiled using statistical algorithms and are not always 100% accurate.
The real purpose of the website is to demonstrate the performance of the cloud platform of Microsoft. It was set up in just one day by some developers.
How to guess the age of a person using his picture on How_Do_I_Look Website?

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Just visit and click Use your own photo, submit your photo and have your age guessed ! And moreover, the site claims to give the sex of the person photographed!
The result can be positive, approaching as close to the exact age of the person, as it can significantly move away or giving the wrong sex.

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Although the technology still has fails, it is presented as being in beta version, however it is indicative of what the future holds in terms of face detection. By perfecting this technology, Microsoft will, in future, block certain content from too young users of the Xbox One through Kinect as an example.

On its explanation page, Microsoft is reassuring, indicating that there are no photos stored on its services.

So get the ages of those friends who don’t want to share their age.
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  1. Good site, let me start using it to know some of my Facebook girls age…who likes tell their ages…. Just hope the site will predict it correctly .

  2. MY REVIEW!!!
    The technique is awesome, though it have some flaws…
    I try over 10picx and it is guessing above their age.
    For example, when i test for a 2years old kid, it says the kid is 5years old.
    Anyway, it is still useful for prediction of age!
    More grease to their elbow…


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