Google File Go [The Smart File Manager] Download APK .

Google File Go what is this? Well I'd tell you the truth everyone hates a slow and sluggish phone you'd find someone telling you that Mr A's phone is faster than Mr B's phone , well one would say its the RAM but it might not  really be the RAM or perhaps memory capacity but something else can cause it which is the arrangement of our files and folders.

I guess Google had this in mind and went on to release their own app for the purpose of file managing called Google File Go. With this app you don't have to bother yourself with managing your app or cleaning unused space and all other stressful activities you just sit enjoy this smart file manager.

What Does The App Offers ?

• Suggest removal of outdated or unnecessary app 
• Helps free up more space for your device.
• Search for documents easily and faster.
• Share files easily Offline.

This is a great app to start with more version are yet to come be we got you covered.

Download Google File Go APK here.

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