How To Stop Unwanted Messages On All Network.

In fact its extremely annoying when you get or receive unwanted messages from your network providers very annoying right? Yea but after much thought the Nigerian communication commission released a code to block those unwanted messages which I'd be giving out in this article.

Getting interesting right?? Yea this is probably old if you know about it but if you haven't heard about it , your getting to know it now its called the DND code which means Do Not Disturb code which can be used to stop all unwanted messages from your network providers.

Does It Work On All Network??

I guess that's your next question but I assure you it works on all network I have tested it on two networks , but if in any case it doesn't work for you drop your comment and I'd get back to you.

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How Can I Stop The Unwanted Messages Using DND ( Do Not Disturb Code ).

To stop unwanted messages simply Text 

HELP to 2442.

And voila your on your way to stop unwanted messages just follow instructions on the next messages you receive from them .

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