How To Fix Slow Charging On IOS Devices

Charging is one unique features of Android in the sense that most Android users are always found with either their charger or their power banks with them.

That's why with constant and rampant improvement in mobile technology most phones are being manufactured with fast charging features , both on its charger and on the it self.

How To Fix Slow Charging On IOS Device
• Charger Problems: One of the causes of slow charging has always been on bad chargers, most people complain or experience slow charging after they misplace their original charger and end up getting substandard chargers for their device.
Well to solve this problem I'd advice to GI to the office outlet of your mobile device and order for their original charger.
Always Put Device On Airplane Mood / Ultra Power Mood.
Well one of my latest discoveries is that when your phone is on airplane it charges faster it also charges faster when its on ultra power mode. So with this knowledge your phone would charge faster.
Reduce The Way You Use Power Banks
You'd always find most people with power banks connected to their phone which is a bad practice and this practice damages battery life, power banks should only be used in a state whereby phone could not be charged normally , it should be an alternative source.
Stay Off Phones While Charging
One regular practice by most people especially young ones is that they are always found operating their mobile phones whilst charging and this bad practice damages battery life and should be avoided in fact if possible switch off phone whilst charging.

With this little knowledge on charging strategy your IOS device should charge faster.
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