Airtel Introduces Bonus Data Plan For Android Plus YouTube

Airtel Nigeria is up with this new data plan which is similar to that of 9mobile but I think this is really cool don't worry keep on reading and you'd find it cool too.
This data bundle is into two sections which you'd find out before the end of this article.

I guess you'd remember the 9mobile plan which starts by 12:00 Am same as this too this also starts by 12:00 Am and I'd guess your next question would be.

What Is The Validity Period?

Each of the data plan that I'd place the screen shot is valid for 30 days and the YouTube is only usable by 12:00 Am.

How Would I Subscribe To This Plan

Simply dial *323# and choose your desired plan like that on the screen shot below.

After dialing *323# you'd see a menu screen to choose from their you'd find the data + YouTube data bonus on the first option and on the second option you'd also find a data bonus so make your choice. And don't forget to share this article and drop your comments.

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