Why TSTV Seems To Be A Better Option

Well the new dish decoder TSTV which Telcom satellite television  is a new decoder that was introduce on the 1st of October in  Nigeria, according to Prexblog and Shelaf this new decoder has been on the lips of every one including me you'd be asking why, but of a truth it seems to be the best option for now with so many features such as 20GB, +100 channels, as cheap as 5,000 and also has an inbuilt camera for video.
You'd still ask why the hell does he thinks its the best or a better option well keep on reading and you'd find out.

Why TSTV Seems To Be A Better Option.

Having used decoders like the Gotv and Dstv many would testify that these other decoder are either of monthly subscription or double monthly but the TSTV came with Pay as You Watch that's you don't pay when your not watching.
• Pay as you watch feature
• Extra 20GB
• Cheapness of 5,000
• Inbuilt video camera 
• +100 Channels
• Extra subscription of N300/1GB.

So with all this I bet you'd be eager to go get your new TSTV decoder well when you get yours don't forget to comment and also share with friends.

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