List Of File Hosting Sites With Download Links For Free Users.

There are so many file sharing and file storage sites and platform on the internet but just a few of them give their users a private download link which would help users share their connect across to other people.

For those upcoming artiste and video guys who had probably uploaded their videos or music on youtube but due to the fact that downloading music or video from youtube isn't that easy unless you follow this my guide to do that. Anyway back to our topic so if your among those that would want to have a download link for your uploaded content without going to promote via any blog this is the right article for you.

What Is File Hosting Sites?
A file hosting site is an online platform or services specially designed to host user files.

List Of File Hosting Sites With Download Links For Free Users.
Apart from the cloud storage, and the google drive storage we all know about I would be listing few sites whereby we can upload our files and get a direct download link which can be shared and helps our content to reach out to others unlike the rest which is just for storage alone.


Datafilehost Image

This is first on this list because I have used it more than others and many people can also give testimonies to its reliability especially to those who upload APK files . visit


Upload files and get download link
Volafile Image

This is also another file sharing site I have also used it in the past and can assure you its nice and reliable especially to those that would be uploading music and videos because datafilehost seems to have a little problem with that but with volatile your covered. Visit


DropSend Image

I guess the name sounds encouraging when you drop you send that's upload and send immediately so in any case you the above that's datafilehost and Volafile and you ain't able to achieve what needed to be achieved dropsend is an alternative. Visit

Yeah friend with the above listed sites sharing and uploading including having your own private download link would be as easy as saying Jack Robinson..
Your comments are highly appreciated.

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