Konga Black Friday Yakata Deals 2017.

Aha konga is here again with yet another bonanza which is it's annual black Friday offer for her customers. Someone may want to ask 
What Is Black Friday.

Black Friday is a time whereby goods such as DVDs , play station , TV , phones and other things are being slashed in the sense that their prices are being drastically reduced since its getting to the year end.

When Is This Black Friday Yakata Deals For 2017.

Well many have said something about the black Friday on konga but don't really know the actual date but I am going to tell you the actual date of this offer. This was sent to me via an email so I'd share it with you.
As you can see from the above screen shot the black Friday is starting from 6th - 10th of November 2017 and its a win - win so be prepared and start shopping. And don't forget that konga's main purpose for this offer is to thank her customers for a successful year also remember to share this articles.

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