How To Unlock Your Android Device Using Voice Recognition Feature.

Unlocking android phones with our voice

Android is just one OS that has so many features countless features amazing ones at that you can now be able to know who tried to unlock your android when your not  around, cool feature right in fact there are apps that you could also use to freeze other apps in the sense that the apps would still be in your phone but are frozen, you could even hide files and folders on your android and so many more.

On our tips for today we would be looking at how to unlock our android device using voice recognition features, probably not many of us uses the OK google on our mobile devices well if you don't I do I'd wake up in the morning say OK google then ask what's  how's the weather and would get a nice reply from the nice voice robot so this feature is part if our topic if you read further you'd be clear on this and if in any case you loose track don't forget to comment your questions.

How To Unlock Your Android Using Voice Recognition Feature.

Well to activate this feature first step is to

• Go to your phone settings
• Click on security settings
• Click on smart lock.

Unlocking android with voice

• Input your pin or create a new pin.

Unlocking android with voice

• Click on trusted voice.

Unlocking android with voice
• Activate the voice recognition and allow the device to recognize your voice.

Unlocking android with voice

• Click I'm in and then your in.

Note: the voice recognition feature is not 100% reliable in the sense that someone with a similar voice with yours can unlock your phone, so use it at your own risk.

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