How To Register A Free Domain For Your Blog

Guide on registering a free domain for your blog
Register A Free Domain
For most newbie bloggers getting a custom domain has always been a problem adding it up to lack of funds to purchase a custom domain but most bloggers don't know that buying a custom domain ain't expensive as it use to be in fact you can get a cheap domain from godaddy and others like namecheap and whogohost.

Let's come back to our topic on how to register a free domain for your blog I guess if you have been into this blogging thing for quite a while or you have been following most blogs you'd agree with me that some blogs don't use the normal .com, .net,,,, .org, .edu, .gov,, .us and so many others which are paid custom domain but when you find  blogs with .tk, .ga, .ml, .ca I want to tell you that those are free domains.

What Is The Eligibility Status Of Getting A Free Domain
Well I know you'd have that in mind but let me clear your doubts every one is eligible for the free domain including me I can decide now to move to .tk or .ga but let it be known that there are also risks and effect using this free domain.

What Are The Risk Of Using Free Domain.
One of the most profound risk of using this free domain is the aspect of google ranking there were a time when these domains were doing perfectly fine on google but not any more they have dropped drastically it takes a perfect SEO post and SEO optimized blog to rank well on google using these free domain in the sense that you can rank high on google especially using the .tk but you have to be a master of SEO.
Guide on free domains
Free Domain

How Long Does The Free Domain Last
Well as they say nothing lasts for ever even the paid domain don't last for that long you have to be renewing it either annually or which ever you choose so the free domain last for 12 good months and I believe that before the end of the 12 months you'd have come up with the fund to get a custom domain.

How To Register A Free Domain For Your Blog
I guess up to this section you have quite understood the concept of this article well it doesn't take much in registering a free domain all you need is a blog either blogger or WordPress but mind you I'd suggest you use blogger because if you go for WordPress you have to get a host well you can also get free hosting but its not that reliable, so if you do have a blog and an email address which I believe you do just go to these  sites I'd list below search for your preferred name and chooses any of .ga, .tk, and the host of them.
With the above listed sites you can now register a free domain for your blog.
If in any case you don't quite understand any point or any particular subheading in this article on free domain kindly use the comment box and I'd get back to you also try and share this post to others I bet they would appreciate .

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