How To Get Up To N15,000 Free Airtime And Cash Out On All Networks

Earn Free Airtime
For most people buying an airtime isn't quite hard but when it comes to buying airtime to subscribe for either data or any social bundle then the difficulty here begins, because of this difficulty most network had to slash their data plans to make it more affordable but all those are stories of the past because if you read further into this post you won't have any problems subscribing or even lack airtime on your phone and don't forget you can have up to N15,000 worth of airtime.

Well I believe that when it comes to the issue of free airtime I guess your not hearing it for the first time and it won't be the last but if you have been conversant with my blog you'd actually agree with me that I have been doing my best to update my readers with enough tricks and just recently I dropped the 9mobile 60mb which stopped but its now back. And now here we are on yet another trick on how to get free airtime on all network.

How Can I Be Eligible For This Free Airtime?
Aha don't get scared I know quite a number of people know that most cheat don't just work for everyone but this is different it works for everyone in fact all you need to have is an android phone and then any Sim and your good to go.
How to get free airtime
Free Airtime Image 1

IS The Free Airtime Legal?
Yeah its legal I know some people might want to overlook this article probably thinking it's not a legal stuff but I'd suggest you read this my explanation. Almost everyone uses either chrome, uc browser , opera mini , Mozilla and the rest to browse you use you data and you don't get anything in return well after my research I found out a browser its a normal browser that pays you for browsing when you download the app you get N8 and continue getting more when you use the browser and this browser is called mcent mobile browser.

How To Use The Mcent Browser To Earn Free Airtime Up to N15,000.
To most people this is not new at all but let me tell you this the older version of mcent will only give you N4 per day no matter what you do but with this new version you get to earn point and you still get N4 bonus each day but you get more by using the app to do your normal browser I have tested it and would show you some screenshots to prove to you. To enjoy this follow the steps below.
• Download the app mcent browser here

• Install the app and register your mobile number and input the code sent to your number.

How to get free airtime
Free Airtime Image 2

• After that you would see your N8 bonus for downloading the app.

• Open any site and start surfing.

Earn free airtime
Free Airtime Image 3

• when your account is up to N10 go to the account section and cash out to your sim.

Earn free airtime
Free Airtime Image 4

Earn free airtime
Free Airtime Image 5

Earn free airtime
Free Airtime Image 6

As you can see on the above screenshots of me casing out and by the way that's my phone number so haven seen all the screenshots and read every thing to this aspect it would be a loss in your side if you don't actually try this and start earning and you would be heartless if you don't comment and share this to others.

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