How To Easily Pin A Chat On WhatsApp.

WhatsApp being one of the most popular and widely used app in its niche although Facebook got the highest users but no comparison because they all have one owner both WhatsApp and Facebook are owned by one person. Well WhatsApp gained its popularity in the sense that you can easily chat with people in your contact and with this WhatsApp has been working and coming up with so many features.

Today we are here to discuss just one of its features that's the ability to easily pin a chat on WhatsApp, one would like to know what pinning a chat  means.

What Is Meant By Pining A Chat On WhatsApp.

Well it simply means making one or few of your numerous cheat at the top regardless of the number of messages entering that chat continue being at the top. I guess you have quite understood that let's go to the next section.

How To Pin A Chat On WhatsApp.

Well there are numerous guidelines online well I won't say they are wrong because they ain't wrong but most of them are outdated and as you know as new updates of WhatsApp comes the features continue to roll and change position so this tutorial is for the new WhatsApp update which if you don't have can be downloaded here. By the way I would use screen shots to explain.
•Simply locate the chat you want to pin.

•Click hold on it and at the top you would see a symbol of pin then click on it.
• After that you'd see your pinned chat at the top of all your chats.

How To Unpin Chat On WhatsApp.

This is even easier than the previous 
•Just click hold on the chat and locate the pin button at the top you'd see a line slashed through it meaning cancel pin click on it and the chat would be unpinned.

With this awesome tutorial I guess you'd have a better WhatsApp experience.

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