How To Download Whatsapp Videos And Photo Status To Your Phone.

WhatsApp video and picture status

WhatsApp chat has been a very popular app since inception till date, it has kept on upgrading from one version to another there has also been different mod of WhatsApp and one popular one is the gbwhatsapp which even has the latest version that allows one to delete sent message on both ends that's both at the receiving and at the senders end amazing right??

Just earlier this year a lovely feature was introduced to the official WhatsApp version and that feature is the status feature wow! Now users can now be able to share their status in form of pictures and videos and also of recent in the last update of WhatsApp text was added to the status feature making it extremely amazing. Of recent most people have been wondering what way they could download their friends status and you find them screenshoting the pictures but you'd agree with me that you can't screenshot videos or can you? Hell no. Well if that has been your problem read on because this is the right post for you.

How To Download WhatsApp Videos And Pictures Status To Your Phone.

• Firstly go to your WhatsApp and view your friends status normally.
• Open your device File manager and go to either you SD card storage or device memory which ever one has your WhatsApp folders.
• Open the WhatsApp folder.
Download WhatsApp video and picture status

• Click media folder.

Download WhatsApp video and picture status

• Click show hidden files on the option menu.
• After that you'd see a folder named .statuses click on it.
How to Download WhatsApp video and picture status

• On that folder you'd see all your viewed status for the last 24hours.
• Copy them to your phone storage or internal memory viola your done.

Well I believe with the steps and pictures this entirely won't be a hard task, don't forget to share to your friends as more tricks are yet to come.

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