How To Check Who Read & Received A Message In A WhatsApp Group.

There are times when SMS was still bubbling hot but these days with the invent of messenger , WhatsApp and even telegram has taken over the chatting industry and WhatsApp is leading the industry seriously apart from Facebook which is its brother because they are from the same owner.

Back then when we text someone most ignore the text and claim they didn't see it even after setting the recipient alert , and these days with the number of messages coming in on an active group per minute is just to much and one would love to know how many people in a group actually received or read his/her message probably to catch those that usually lie that they didn't see the message at all. Moreover this post is actually for you because if you consider what happens on WhatsApp every minute.
How many people saw and read a message in WhatsApp group
You'd want to actually take this steps to know if your messages were actually received or read by your friends in a group on WhatsApp.

How To Check Who Actually Received Or Read Your Messages In WhatsApp Group.
Yea we are at the finale so pay close attention first of all.
•Locate the message sent.
•Click hold on It.
•Click on the info button or the "i" button above.
How to know how many people received a message on WhatsApp group
•After clicking the info button at the top it will now open the list of people that read and received your message.
Who read my message on WhatsApp group
I believe the screen shots and illustrations would help you on this.
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