Amazing ! Facebook Tend To Add Face Recognition For Account Unlocking.

There has always been a point in time when unlocking a blocked Facebook account is necessary either due to ones fault of sharing a post that looks like spam to Facebook or posting to over 50 groups in a day within a time frame. Well when something like this happens there are options whereby an SMS is being sent to the victims phone or he/she would recognized their friends by just viewing their picture alone but all those method helped a long deal so in an attempt to make Facebook better they planned to add a facial recognition for account unlocking cool right? Read on

Facebook is currently working on the feature and hopes to launch it soon but to a small number of people provided it passes the test that it won't be fooled by hackers.

How Would The Facial Recognition Work.
Aha I know you'd want to know about that well that's quite easy as the user is required to point the phones front camera on to his/her face and the app will now scan the face to find a match with either profile picture or videos.

I have butterflies in my stomach on this new features I have my doubt's what are yours let's hear it ......comment below.

Source: Gizmochina


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