9mobile 60mb Free Browsing Cheat Via Anonytun Reloaded

9mobile has always been good at one cheat or the other but of recent it seems that none of those cheat seems to work even the 9mobile 60GB night browsing cheat stopped and so many others like the 9mobile free browsing via 51vpn for WhatsApp and telegram also stopped but in a bid to serve you better here on tipsrush we always come up with update.

So this is the rebirth of the once stopped anonytun 60mb cheat although this cheat might stop at 50mb or lesser but when I tried it it worked till 60mb so it will work for you just follow the procedure below.

• An Android Phone.
• Anonytun app or download here.
• 9mobile sim with 0.0kb
• 3G or 4G services.

How To Use This 60mb 9mobile Free Browsing Cheat Via Anonytun.
• After downloading the app open it
•Toggle Stealth Tunnel ON
• In Connection Protocol, select HTTP
Settings For The 60mb Cheat Via Anonytun

• Port, input 8081
• Tap on Edit Custom TCP/HTTP Headers

• In URL/HOST, input this proxy server
• Request Method, select POST  

• Injection Method, select Normal
• Under Extra Headers, tick Keep Alive and User Agent
Then tap on Generate
• Finally, tap on Save
• Now, tap on the CONNECT button and wait for about 10seconds for it to connect.

9mobile 60mb free browsing cheat via Anonytun
Settings For The Anonytun App

Yeah with these steps above if followed correctly I can bet that you'd be enjoying your 60mb 9mobile free browsing cheat.

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