7 Things To Consider When Purchasing A Security Camera For Your Home.

In a bid to live safely in this unsecured world, probably watched the latest happening in your vicinity where people are being kidnapped in their home or even robbed in broad day light and you wish if there could be a way something could actually take pictures or even video footage of the scene. Well I guess that got you thinking of getting a security camera for your home for your safety.

There are dozens upon dozens of security cameras out there that you'd probably get confused in  choosing the right security camera for your home , I believe that after reading this lovely tutorial you'd have a perfect security camera shopping. Lala keep on reading.

Factors To Consider When Buying A Security Camera.

Motion Detection
Getting a security camera with a good motion detection feature is  really good because the camera alerts you whenever there  is any movement or motion in its path.

Field Of View
This feature refers to how wide the angle a camera can record and this factor is important because it will determine how many cameras you've to buy and where to place them.

This refers to how clear the image or video captured by the security camera, a clear one would enable you to identify faces or objects.


This refer to your camera receiving sounds, voices through its microphone and also being able to serve as an intercom.

Night Vision
It would be of great help if a camera can record activities during a no - light period because that's when most criminal activities takes place.


A wireless camera would be perfect apart from it being handy and easy communication with your home it's wire can't be cut up because it got no wires.

A nice security camera should be able to move either side ways or tilt instead of being stationary.

I believe with this listed factors getting a perfect security camera for your home would be a finished assignment although not to exclude cost but its better to buy an expensive security camera with the 7 factors listed above and enjoy your maximum security. Thanks for reading share this to your friends you never can tell they might need to buy a security camera someday and would thank your for this.

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