Use Dinsta To Download Pictures From Instagram

Instagram is a very popular social media site flooding with millions of users world wide in this quest most users would love to download the latest pictures of their favorite celebrity or the people they are following. But this feature is not supported on Instagram, and this has left so many users discouraged thereby switching over to use screen shot mode on their mobile device.

After much research I found a site whereby Instagram pictures could be downloaded free and easy.

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Dinsta: is a website that offers Instagram photos download by placing the picture's URL link on their search box.

How To Use Dinsta To Download Instagram Pictures.
First input on your web browser.
√ Then Open your Instagram via your mobile browser.
√ Go to the picture and copy the URL like the screenshot below.
√ Open the Dinsta website go straight to the search box and paste the copied URL 
√ Click on the Go button and the picture would be loaded automatically.
√ Click on the download button and your done.

From the Author's Desk.

Hey there with this tutorial downloading pictures from Instagram would no longer be a problem to you and since this article is useful share to friends and drop your feedback.

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