Use App Freezer To Free Memory Space On Android Without Rooting.

How to freeze your app without rooting your android device
Android App Freezer
There are times when you feel like deleting some apps to free up memory space but you begin to panic knowing that it may be difficult or entirely impossible to get those app back. what would it be like to use app freezer to free memory space without rooting your android aha an old man once said don't loose what you have, so you don't want to delete your precious app, you want to freeze it but you phone is not rooted and you don't want to root your phone.

But believe me gone were the days when you have to root your android device in order to use the app freezer app, because the new version of the app now works well without rooting thereby making it work on non rooted android devices.
Freeze app without rooting
Android App Freezer

Features Of App Freezer.
√ No root required: In this latest version of app freezer you don't need a rooted android device to use it.
√ Quick Freezing: Freezing action is fast just by selecting on the app and click freeze.
√ White List: We have favorite app so with white list you can place some app in white list that means it can't be freezed. 

Supports and works on android 4.0+ 

Download the latest  app freezer Here


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