SanDisk Unveils The World’s Largest 400GB microSD Card

SanDisk Unveils The World's Larges 400GB microSD card
Well most times the thought of deleting my precious videos , images or files just to create space to accommodate another usually freaks the hell out of me , and I would always wish for more storage space , but to those who are on the same shoe as me you don't have to worry no more as SanDisk unveils the world's largest 400GB micro SD card for $250.

SanDisk just announced their release of their latest product , which is the world largest microSD card with a storage capacity of 400GB of space , just last year they released the world fastest with 256GB of space and this year they are here with the world's largest microSD.

Features Of The 400GB microSD Card.
 Takes up 40 hours of full HD videos
√ Transfer speed of 100MBps.
√ Water , shock , temperature , x- ray proof.
√ Offers SanDisk memory app, to help organise files.

Mobile devices , tablet, drones constitute the daily activities of our lives , including entertainment and business , so the company Wester Digital the owners of SanDisk says this microSD card comes with a 10years guarantee.
The company also said that the microSD card will continue to be better with time and improvement.

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