How To Share The 9mobile 60GB Cheat Data

Sharing the 9mobile 60GB Cheat Data
Most people has been asking on how to share the 60GB 9mobile data cheat with friends and family and am here to reply you. I went on a research and after much emphasis I found a way, most people would agree with me that using 2GB per day from the hours of 1am- 5am is kind of too much and since its much it won't be a bad idea sharing the data with someone close.

Well if that has been bothering you be bothered no more but before I proceed if you have not activated the 9mobile 60GB cheat kindly click on the link below after subscribing come back to this article.
How To Get 60GB For 500 On 9mibile well if you have done that keep on reading till the end.

How To Share The 9mobile 60GB Cheat Data.
√ First of all it all has to be done on a rooted phone. But if your phone is rooted proceed to step two.
√ Open the VPN tethering app or download Here if you don't have one.
√ Now put on your data.
√ Open and launch Anonytun VPN and connect after connecting wait for a while then go back to the VPN tethering and click on active viola your friend can now connect while your using the VPN

Well with the above tutorial sharing the 9mobile 60GB cheat data won't be an issue anymore.

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