How To Send Free Unlimited Text Messages With Fake Numbers And Prank Friends.

Who doesn’t love free things ? Well I do don’t know about you, but free things also have its disadvantages but not to worry , i got a new trick on how to send free unlimited text messages with fake numbers and prank friends and love ones.
Well its cool , I do it most of the time especially to my brothers, and have decided to share it with you guys , so I would love it if you also share it with others.
Note: This article is for educational purposes and any trouble created using this article , Tipsrush would not be held responsible.

Back to business, the messages sent using this steps am going to list below are anonymous text , so use them wisely and carefully.
There are few apps and sites out there that allow you to send anonymous messages online , its very easy to use.
√ just log on to it
√ type in your messages
√ type in the number of recipient
√ click submit and your done.

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Sites That Allows Anonymous Message 
Is one site that allows you send anonymous messages online , free without any registration.
Is another site that sends unlimited free text messages , it can also be used to prank friends.
This is yet another free messaging service , its also one of the best , its free and unlimited without any registration.
Well I believe that with this few sites , you’ll but this into good use , share and drop comments for any assistance.

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