How To Know Who Tried To Unlock Your Phone

How to know who tried to unlock your phone
There are times probably in your house with many siblings running around or that your stubborn sibling you wants to use your data thereby trying hard to manipulate your password and then whenever you ask everyone denies, how would it be if you knew a way to catch the person that tried to unlock your phone? Cool right read on.

In today's tutorials we would be looking at few ways to know who tried to unlock your phone, manipulate your password or pattern and catch them red handed using a third party app called crookcatcher.

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As the name implies crookcatcher is a third party app that takes pictures of a person who inputs the wrong password on your device. Have you ever been in the situation whereby your suspecting someone of trying to open your device but have no proof well don't worry with this app you got all the proof you need.

It is a dark theme app with an internal memory and ability to take picture of the person that attempt your password wrongly save it in the internal memory and also send it to your email, that's perfect proof right?. It also shows location of the failed login attempt, I love this app.

Download crookcatcher : Here

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