How To Keep Your ATM Card Safe And Avoid Theft.

How To Protect Your Card From Theft
There are so many people all over the world that depends on their ATM card for their daily business transaction both online and visible transactions.

So in the quest of using ATM card for our transactions their are so many ways whereby our ATM card could be stollen or even more our cash could be stollen while our ATM card is still with us. Well many would be wondering how is it possible for cash to be stollen from one's bank account while holding his/her ATM card well keep on reading and you'd find out.

What's The Card Safety All About?

After buying online, it rang to me like a bell that when buying things online, with your ATM card (MasterCard, visa card) what they usually ask for is your Card Number, Card expiry date (month/year), card CVV or security number and name of card holder.

"Verve cards are a bit safer here, since you have to provide a few more information about your card. That is pin, a safe token (OTP) one time password that will be sent to the number registered to the card"

Well all this is to protect you from hackers and spammers.

How To Keep Your ATM Card Safe And Avoid Theft.

Well I believe now that your now aware that the "theft" meant here refers to both online and visible theft.
One way to protect your ATM card is by scrapping of the CVV that's the three digit number and writing it down on a safe spot.
With this even though you ATM card is stollen it can't be used for any online transactions or purchase.

To protect for visible theft make sure your always alone whenever your typing in your four digit pin, and also whenever your card is being stollen quickly rush to your nearest bank branch and block the card.

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