How To Free Up Some Memory Space On Your Android Device

One of the most annoying moments is when you want to receive a video or a file from a friends phone and your device responds by saying insufficient storage space well if you don’t find that annoying I do.
In today’s tutorial we will be looking out few ways by which we could free up some memory space on your android device.
Well probably the problem might be that your phone don’t have enough memory space or it does but you don’t know what’s eating up the whole space, well be rest assured that your problems are over.

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Free Up Space Through Settings
We can free up space on our device through settings by going to Settings -> Storage and memory -> Storage‘. Check the amount of space occupied by each app uninstall unwanted app and clear cache date of any app by going to the option button above and click on clear cache.

Deleting Some Space Occupying Bugs In Xender
Xender application is another app that has some bugs that occupy space and those bugs could be deleted by going to sender options>>big files>> and then delete invalid files or image cache 

I believe that with this tutorial you won’t be having any problem with your memory space.

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