How to fix ‘Application not Installed’ error on Android phones

How To Fix Application Not Installed Error On Android Phones.
That awful moment when you try installing a new app, and it keeps on showing "application not installed", I can bet that you must have hated your phone during those moments, but the truth there is that this occurs when you tend to download , apk files from the wild. Well sit tight as we explore possible causes and its solutions.

Possible/Common causes of “Application not Installed” error.

√ Insufficient storage space:
Your storage space might filled up , so in this situation I'd suggest you free the space and try again.

√ Corrupted app or apk file:
This is when the apk file is being downloaded somewhere else other than google play store.

√ Incorrect app install location
Most apps are meant to be installed on phones memory , while others on SD card and some other apps can be installed on either phone memory or SD card. Trying to do otherwise with the former can bring up these errors.

√ Corrupted storage (Phone and SD card):
Most times this is the cause of 90% of the error, when your storage is corrupted it is expected of it to misbehave.

√ Installation on a mounted SD card
Probably your SD card is being mounted some where else , either on a laptop these error is expected because the SD card is inaccessible.

How To Fix Application Not Installed Error On Android Phone.

Possible Solutions of “Application not Installed” error.

√ Reboot your phone: In such situation I would suggest you either give your mobile a soft or hard reboot.

√ Checking the source of the app , if its really coming from a trusted site.

√ Try uninstalling some apps to free up some space and uninstall the previous version of the app.

Try resetting app permission by going to settings> app > all > menu key > reset app preference.

√ Make sure your SD card is not mounted else where.

√ When all that doesn't work , I would suggest you wipe your SD card.

√ The last solution is to wipe your phone , either by doing a factory reset or full wipe in recovery mode.

So try installing that app that having being proving tough , and send your comments.

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