How To Download YouTube Videos And Music Using TubeMate App

Tubemate the best app to download YouTube videos and music.

With a high number of visitor YouTube is one of the most visited site in the world, with that most people that tend to visit YouTube tend to not only watch videos or listen to music, but to also download them.
I know its kind of hard and discouraging with the enormous copyright laws of YouTube, but I tell you something those Copyright laws are for your own good , so that whenever you want to upload a video either for monetary purpose or just for fun your content won't be stolen by someone. But nevertheless after getting much request from people I decided to create this tutorial and the much you can do is to share it.
Today I would be sharing how to download YouTube videos and music using Tubemate.

TubeMate: Although this app was out for a while probably that's the reason most people haven't heard or used it, but that ain't a problem anymore. The app was created solely to watch and download videos from popular sites like YouTube, vimeo and the rest of them, so you that wants to download some vines or rather the latest music video you watched alas your in the right spot because after this tutorial you'd be thanking me. But anyway what are friends for if not to help.
So download this app HERE

How To Use TubeMate App
Well I would give a little explanation on how to use this app called TubeMate and the explanations would be followed by screen shots
√ Download and install the TubeMate app Here
√ Open the app

√ Click on search to select video or music
√ After selecting the video click on the green arrow above the video, then choose preferred format and download like the below screen shot.

I guess this was helpful drop your comments below and don't forget to share.

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