How To Convert Voice Messages To Text On WhatsApp.

WhatsApp been one of the worlds most popular social chatting media, has been coming up with a lot of features although some of this tricks are easy things that most people don't know about.

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Back to our tutorial you'd agree with me that most times it uneasy to hear what the sender is saying in a recorded WhatsApp voice message and you'd always wished there is some way to turn those recorded voice messages to text. Well I'd suggest you read further.

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So to convert voice messages to text on WhatsApp we would use an app called WhatsApp transcriber and can be downloaded by clicking on this link Here
• After installing the app open it and scroll past to the aspect of done.
• Then go to your WhatsApp and download the audio.
• Long click on the audio and click the share button above then select the transcriber app like the screen shot below.

• After clicking it allow it to connect and then transcribe

• After transcribing it would show something like the below screen shot

After reading this tutorial I can confidentially say that transcribing voice messages on WhatsApp won't be any problem and don't forget to share this article and also drop your comments.

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