Earn Extra $5 When You Purchase Your First Book On Google Play Store.

Well $5 dollar is cool especially to my awesome book readers, both to those who loves comic, romance, fantasy and the host of others. 
You know that to educate the mind is one important thing, so probably Google had that into consideration and wanted more people to read more by giving out this bonus of $5 for the first book you purchase on play store above $5. Yea the book you purchase must be above $5.
I just received a message of the offer from google and decided to share it with everyone and if you haven't gotten yours I'd suggest you log in to your email go to settings and click allow updates from google but anyway below is the screen shot
Redeem Your $5 Bonus To Buy Any Book On Google Play Store
Well if you receive this message quickly click on the Redeem now to redeem yours .
After clicking on the redeem now you'd see something like this on the screen shot below.
Redeem Your $5 On Google Play Store To Buy Your First Book
So redeem your offer and make this generation better by reading more PS don't forget to drop your feedback and share this post your friend might be in need of it

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