7 Uses of OTG cable That You Probably didn’t know

7 Uses Of OTG cable That You Probably Didn't Know.

Hello I can bet that most android users have heard of USB OTG cable but, really don’t know what it does , and how to use it well most android devices don’t really come with OTG cables , but that doesn’t mean you can’t use one on it.
USB On-The-Go cable is the cable that allows USB devices to act as a host , which allows USB devices to be attached with them.
The OTG cable is generally used to transfer data from smart phone to pen drives , but there are other uses of OTG cable that you probably didn’t know and I suggest you get a comfy chair , sit tight and continue reading.

Share messages and contacts between two phones.

You can transfer contacts , messages , call logs between two android phone using the OTG cable. This method of transfer is very fast , useful and consumes less battery.

Connect Ethernet

In a situation where you don’t have WiFi or mobile data , connecting you mobile to an Ethernet is the best choice and here comes one of the usefulness of OTG cable.

Connect a card reader.

For most android that doesn’t support MicroSD card , then you can connect your SD card with your phone using the OTG cable, you should have an OTG plus card reader.

Charge Android phone with another Android phone.

You can charge your android phone with another android using an OTG cable, you can also use this in an emergency.

7 Uses Of OTG Cables That You Probably Didn't Know

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Connect Mouse and Keyboard.

You can connect your mouse and keyboard to your android using an OTG cable , this can be useful if you want to type fast.

Connect a game controller.

For the game lovers , this is very useful and helpful, so now you can connect your external game pad to your android device and enjoy your favorite game.

Print saved documents.

Now you can connect your printer and your android device , to print your files and documents. You have to install the PrintShare app which will download the USB driver on your android phone.
So these are some of the uses of OTG cable , now you know so share the information , might be useful to someone else, use the share button below.

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