5 WhatsApp Tips And Tricks Every WhatsApp User Should Know.

Hello! In this article I would be listing out few WhatsApp tips and tricks that , probably you haven't heard of but they are tricks you should know.

WhatsApp being one of the most popular social chatting platform with millions of users world wide, with a good number of messages , videos and images being shared amongst people,  in fact it has become our part of our everyday life, so it's cool if we get ourselves acquitted with few tips and tricks to enjoy and spice up our chatting life.

Below are 5 WhatsApp Tips And Tricks Every WhatsApp User Should Know.

Prevent Anyone From Knowing You Read Their Text.

There are times when , we are not really in the mood to reply to message immediately , especially when we're avoiding someone and it won't look nice if the person knew we saw the message but avoided it.
In such situation just go to settings>privacy>off recipient.

How To Write Bold Text.

Who doesn't like it when they write text in bold , its fun I enjoy it and everyone should try it out just type *and your text* that's ( * before and after your text* ) for example *tipsrush* will give you tipsrush

√  Set Your DP Without Cropping.

There are moments when its painful , cropping your lovely DP , you just want it to appear full.
All you need is SquareDroid, which you can install from Play Store. Install the app and open it up. You will get a button to choose the picture. Then, select an option to fill the sides of the photo (like blur, solid color, and gradient). After doing all this, save the picture and make it your WhatsApp DP. This is really cool hun? There are even more, keep reading.

Change WhatsApp Background.
7 WhatsApp tips and tricks

Its cool when you use the picture you like as your WhatsApp background picture , yeah cool so to do that , just go to settings>>chat>>wallpaper and set it to your favorite picture.

Share Location With Friends And Family.

Do you want to let your friends or family know where you are? Then, you can share your current location with them in a single tap.
First, open WhatsApp messenger and choose any conversation. Then, hit the Attachment section and choose Location. In case your GPS is off, you will be asked to turn it on. Do it. There you go!

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