5 Tips To Stay Safe On Public WiFi.

How to stay safe on public WiFi

The number of free WiFi hotspot is growing by the numbers and not all of them can guarantee your safety, like your private home network.
So when using these networks it is advisable to stay safe on this public networks. So in this article I would be listing out five tips by which you could stay safe on public WiFi hotspot.

5 Tips to Stay Safe While Using Public WiFi.

1. Stay Anonymous When Using Public WiFi.
One thing you should consider when using public WiFi is to stay anonymous , which can be achieved using a VPN which means Virtual Private Network , note that in using public WiFi incognito mode ain't enough.

2. Protect Your Passwords.
Always use different password for different accounts and have a link up to other accounts , so that when one is hacked you can easily recover the password this is kind of tricky right. Also make use of password keeper apps eg lastpass most of this app encrypt your password thereby making it invisible to hackers.

3. When Using A Public WiFi Never You Make An Online Transaction.
Whenever your on a public WiFi for whatever reasons, never you make an online transaction, because on a public WiFi your not the only person on it, you never can tell if a hacker is just waiting for the right moment to strike.

4. Turn On Your Firewall.
Although a firewall won't provide you with all the protection you need , but it do helps and whenever your using a public WiFi, always turn it on it helps to monitor incoming and outgoing connections.

5. Always Use An Up-To-Date AntiVirus
Always make sure to use good and up-to-date antivirus, it helps a lot and it also detect fake and infectious networks.

I guess with this few tips your now aware on how to stay safe while using public WiFi. 

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