5 Best Android Apps That You Ought To Have

Well you'd be wondering what the hell is he saying I pretty much have all the app I need , or the app that's important to me. Well you'd want to say you have facebook, whatsapp, YouTube, palmchat, Snapchat and the host of others well those are all chatting and if you will agree with me there are some apps needed for daily activities apart from chatting apps and video apps.

Having done a little bit of research on android and peoples daily activities and their needs I derived a beautiful list of android apps that one ought to have. If you've read all the way down here i would say that you're on the right track and suggest you read further.

5 Best Android Apps You Ought To Have.
Best android app you ought to have
Signal Image

• Signal Private Messenger: As the name implies this is a private messaging app with end- to - end encryption, for your maximum privacy, yeah you ought to have this app but if you choose not you could also send messages to people without disclosing your phone number
Download App :Here

One of the best app you ought to have
Photo Scan Image

• Photo Scan: For those that have bunch of childhood photos or probably an old picture and would want to digitalize it , this is the best app you can get it scans all printed pictures and saves them I'd suggest you download this app.
Download App: Here

Best android app you need to have
Camscanner App Image

• Camscanner: Ever wanted to save a written document to your phone and you don't want to take picture of the document, this app comes with so many tools and you can save the documents to google drive and cloud you ought to have this app and if you value your android you have to know more on android apps
Download App: Here

Download the best android apps
Trusted Contacts App Image.

• Trusted Contacts: This wonderful apps helps in times of emergency to send your location when you don't answer your calls that's to only those you placed in the trusted apps well that's cool right this app also does similar work
Download App: Here

Best android apps you need to have
Doulingo App Image.

• Doulingo: One cool thing with this app is that it helps you learn other languages like french, Spanish for free, I love free thing don't know about you.
Download App: Here

Yeah I guess I have pretty much covered important apps you need to have that you don't have .
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  1. Sure, Doulingo is nice. will soon drop some recommendations on both android and Pc apps @www.techteazer.com. great job, keep it stunning.


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